Friday, June 29, 2007

first day

Today was my first day as a ward nurse. I had a total blast. It is quite possible that I took care of two of the cutest little boys in Liberia. I took the 5 y/o for rides down the corridor in the rolling chair. He had the biggest smile and the most beautiful brown eyes.

My three VVF ladies were equally lovely.

I did however feel my thus far greatest pang of homesickness. Euphoria was running through my veins and I had no one to tell. I was a bit of a sad four year old.


Anonymous said...

meg, im sorry i missed your birthday! things sound amazing, im pretty sure theres an army praying for you and a God stronger than any force listening to those prayers. so if thats not something, i dont know what is. -jgrow

Anonymous said...

Megan! I just got home about an hour ago...and since my house is asleep (and my body is living in 10:45 am Zambia time) one of the first things I've done is read all of your posts since i left...they make me miss your face.
I loved praying for you in Africa when I was in Africa. I saw a tree that looks like the one in your Prayer Card Picture. It made me smile.
We also did Sunrise Sunset with little African fun!
I will be your number one fan for the next year in reading your posts
love you mucht

Mom said...

Consider your euphoria felt and shared! I so understand how you felt. Dad probably doesn't but I do :) (Ben and Josh probably don't get it either)
Yaaayy for kindred spirits...I think I will watch Anne tonight!