Saturday, June 30, 2007

on the catwalk

Sitting in a hospital bed can be a bit boring, so the ladies of the faith ward started a knitting club. Michelle, a ward nurse, was their teacher. Some had a hard time, some were naturals. I felt like I was at a senior high event.

Bed 10, my patient, was obviously experienced. She knit a beautiful grey hat for our charge nurse, Laura, in a span of only two hours. As I finished my shift last night she had begun a new project with beautiful red yarn.

"It's for you. I'll have it done tomorrow."

The alarm clock played it's sing song tune at 6:20 AM. Throughout the night I had woken up every hour, scared of sleeping through my soft-spoken travel alarm clock. Rolling out of bed I threw on my grey scrubs and headed up to the cafeteria for some pre-shift coffee. I made it to the ward by 6:45 Am. The 30 foot commute is amazing.

Bed 10 was waiting for me with a red hat in hand.

Of course I made a huge fuss over it.

Later in the morning, when things were settled, I tried my hat on. I stepped out of the bathroom to big smiles and applause. The ladies of the faith ward like my hat.

There is a large aisle that divides the ward beds. Today it was my catwalk. I strutted through ward modeling my new red hat. The woman smiled and laughed. One lady even told my she liked my face.

I love my job.

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