Saturday, July 28, 2007


My Internet is not connecting in my room. So I have been forced to utilize the Internet cafe. It's a little slow, a little noisy. But this is Africa. It happens.

Thursday was Liberia's Independence day. Tonight Monrovia celebrated with a 45 minute fireworks display (sponsored by the UN). It was the most lovely night. The weather was cool with a warm summer breeze. The port was lined with Mercy Ship crew who enjoyed the display. We were all quite impressed.

Today at work my patients were conspiring against me. And that's not just an expression of a frustrated nurse. I had a great day today.

We have three orthopedic male patients between the ages of eleven and fourteen. Can I just tell you that adolescent boys are adolescent boys, whether they be Liberian or American.

Jarmee, 12, gave me a new name. My name is now Estella. His exact words, which were delivered with a devilish boyish demeanor were

"Megan is not a fine name. Estella is a fine name."

Sorry mom.

Around 1:30 Jarmee called me, Estella, to tell me that his leg hurt "small small". Being the caring nurse that I am, I was going to get him some Tylenol. But I was prematurely stopped. Jarmee then told me it was not his leg that hurt "small small," but his neighbor's, Johnson (14). Johnson was holding his faces pain scale and telling me leg hurt. But before I could get his Tylenol, Johnson told me it wasn't his leg that hurt, but David, 11, who was across the room.

Nurses are taught to always believe a patient when they tell you they are in pain. But I was catching on.

My exact words were

"Your totally playing a trick on me. That's just not cool."

Except that I loved it. I love sassy people and practical jokes. And they made me laugh.
Boys will be boys.


Dearest S. said...

Hey Megan (or Estella), I don't even know you but I think you're my hero! Thanks for your love.

Jen Schuch said...

Hi Estella.
When Tim and I were in Tanzania they gave us new names too. I was "Udabasati" which means "Not too big, not too small" and Tim was named "Ginuwasi" which means "short". They renamed us because "Tim" and "Jen" were too hard for them to say!!! Imagine that!
Like the posting before mine...I don't even know you, but I'm just loving you through your blog.
Jen Schuch