Friday, July 20, 2007

happy birthday Dorothy

Dorothy is one of my roommates. Today was her birthday. She didn’t tell anyone until mid afternoon. It was just enough time to run to the ship shop and buy cake mix and frosting. I have very limited experience with baking and thought that only water needed to be added to cake mix. Apparently I was wrong.

When I read the box I realized eggs and oil were also required. However, this realization occurred at 2:30 and our ship shop is only opened until 2:00. Dilemma Dilemma.
Through various friends I was able to acquiesce the needed eggs and oil. I even finished baking the cake before the crew assembled on the port for a fire drill (great fun). Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting chocolate sprinkles and oreo cookies. Wonderful.

We met in the café after dinner to sing and celebrate. I told everyone if they liked the cake I made it. If they didn’t, it was the fire drills fault. Obviously, it would not be possible to light birthday candles on a ship. So I took two plastic knives and covered the tops with saran wrap. Dorothy had to blow the saran wrap off.

A birthday on a hospital ship.

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Paul said...

You ll have to make that cake for the family when you get back