Wednesday, July 4, 2007

happy fourth of July

Today Michelle, my roomate, and I organized a Fourth of July celebration. About one hundred people came. We ate ice cream, said the pledge of alligence, and sang a patriot song. I made indoor sparklers. Everyone who came recieved a red, white, or blue star sticker.

The weather even cooperated. It's rainy season and we have had very little sunshine. THe sun that shone yesterday and today was greatly appreciated. It was soul-lifting. The bright hues felt radient against my skin. Africa is full of bright colors and they gain a new vibrance in the sunlight.

Finally, today I picked up my first authentic African dress from the tailor. I was quite excited.

Sleep is calling my name. I hope you had a great holiday.


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Meg. We just enjoyed your brothers back yard fireworks display. I am not quite sure which is more entertaining, watching the fireworks or watching your pyromaniacal cousins. Boys will be boys!
Uncle Bruce

Anonymous said...

So glad you got to have your celebration! It poured rain here...of course just as I started cooking on the grill! So the outdoor sports were short lived but we still had a good time AND of course no rain could deter the firework extravaganza.
Love you!

P.S. I love the dress, it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

hey meg! i'm so glad your 4th of July turned out good. The dress is absolutely beautiful! you look like a model in that picture;-)

Anonymous said...

oh, sorry Megan. That was me in the last post ~ Becky L