Monday, July 9, 2007


My knees hurt real bad. I played volleyball toady at the UN Base with an entourage of Mercy Ships crew. My all or nothing personality shone through. Leaving me with bloody knees before the official game even started. Three different UN workers stopped me at times during the evening to inquire if I would like the assistance of their medical tent. Of course I said no. I kind of like being dirty when I am dressed for the occasion. And was I dirty. I definitely broke the two minute shower rule tonight.

We played until we could no longer see the volleyball. As we arrived back at the ship their was just enough lingering light to gaze at. The sunsets here are beautiful. I make a conscious effort to enjoy at least a few moments of their splendor every night. There was just enough time for me to make a cup of hot chocolate and meander to the top deck. Covered in red dirt.

As I walked up the steps to deck eight I felt like a princess entering a palace. The sky was an enveloping canopy of vibrant hues. The clouds displaced royal purples, crimson pinks, and burnt yellows. And I had a 360 view. My heart nearly melted.

I have a tendency to over think. I always ask why. Perhaps I have an inquisitive nature. Or maybe I am just cynical.

Being in Liberia has given me much to think about. My brain feels a bit oversaturated at the moment. There are so many levels to even the simplest experiences. I have been thinking and trying to decide how I feel about everything. Examining injustice’s. Exploring patriotism. Strategizing efforts. Filtering emotions. Deciding how I am going to save the world.

But sitting on deck eight I realized it’s not what’s important.

Watching sunsets is important.

Solomon correctly stated “there is nothing new under the sun.”

We work. We love. We eat. We go hungry. There are times of peace. There are times of war. Season’s of harvest. Seasons of labor. We live.

But if we only live we will follow the pattern of humanity and in a few generations no one will even remember we existed. And there will still be work. And love. People will eat. People will go hungry. There will be peace. There will be war. Harvest and labor.

There are moments waiting to take our breath away. Canopy’s meant to cover our heads. Will we miss them.

I thought it lovely that God would give Liberia such beautiful sunset. My breath was taken. A place filled with tension and brokenness covered by peace and tranquility. Something deep resonated in my heart. Something that will outlast three generations.


Your Mom said...

I can distinctly hear the first sentence being spoken in your best "Napoleon" voice. You just forgot the "gosh". "My knees hurt real bad...Gosh".
Try not to drag the Petock name through the Liberian mud as your enthusiasm can sometimes lead to catastrophe. Great entry...I could almost see the sunset.

Lindsey said...

Hey meg!!! Its Linds, Big time Gus and Stef, we really miss you! We are all here at my dads house having dinner and thinkin and talking about you, i read all of your blogs it sounds like you are having an incredible experience. We are so amazed and proud of you for what you are doing. Stay strong, I know you will. We are all thinking and praying for you, we love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you really have a 2-minute shower rule?