Thursday, August 30, 2007


Esther is a favorite patient of mine. I really just can’t get enough of her. She is a typical 14 year old girl, a fact which drives some of the other nurses “small small” crazy, but makes me just want to hang out with her more.

Today I took Esther to the 7th deck. It was not raining and seeing that we both spend most of our time on the third deck, where there are no windows, I thought we probably needed some sunshine.

Someone gave Esther a princess crown. I make her wear it when we watch the “Esther” veggie tale movie. She let me borrow it today. I got to be the princess.

On the seventh deck there is an assortment of preschool toys. There is an old little tykes house in the corner. Esther and I climbed inside the house and spied on people as they passed by . Just like when I was five.

I let Esther take pictures with my camera. But I had to help her.

Esther can only use one hand. Think about trying to take a picture with one hand. It’s nearly impossible to hold the camera, look through the view finder, and snap the picture with one hand.

I wander how many small things Esther cannot do with one hand that I take for granted everyday.

Someone was worried that I was spoiling Esther because I gave her chocolate. I don’t think Esther has ever truly been spoiled at any point of her life.

I hope she has felt a little spoiled during her time on the Africa Mercy. She deserves it.

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