Friday, August 10, 2007

just do it

Crystal is my new jogging buddy. Today we went for a jog in the Liberian rain.

Crystal runs marathons. My jogging is more of a glorified walk around my neighborhood. It's a healthy challenge to keep up. At home, jogging is a bit of a relaxing experience for me. It's a time to think and to pray. My neighborhood is full of old trees and wide paved roads.

But it's a little different in Liberia.

When I jog here, I feel a bit like I am in a Nike commercial. In spite of the roads condition, in spite of the weather, in spite of the people around me, I just do it (whoa, I am such a nerd).

We run on the shoulder of the road which is completely made of dirt. It takes skill and concentration to dodge/skip over the many large puddles that seem to consume the ground. Any dry area is filled with people. The men often make comments (just like men at home). Sometimes they make the classic Liberian pucker sound. Sometimes they try to be funny by saying, "You lazy girls." Sometimes they try to run with you. Sometimes they tell you that you are their wife. Sometimes they say thank you (I am not sure why).

The roads are filled with an ever flowing stream of yellow, beaten up taxi's. They often pull over to the shoulder to pick up passengers so it's good to be aware of your surroundings at all times. We do have orthopedic surgeons on board, but I really don't feel like getting my foot run over during my stay in Liberia.

Relaxing is not a word I would ever use to describe the experience. But it is fun.


Anonymous said...

Nana says,
A jog in the Liverian rain is better than a jog in the Penna heat. It was 105" (heat index) here yesterday. Love you!

faith said...

"thank you" hmmm...

runnergirl said...

After running in Liberia, how could you ever enjoy running at home ever again! Without the feeling of imenent death every step of the way, running will just be boring. You'll probably fall asleep going for a run back in your Mr.Rogers neighborhood.