Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This morning I woke up at 2:30 in a panicked, "Oh my gosh I need to get to the toilet five minutes ago" state. I almost fell off the top bunk, walked the little hallway of our six berth cabin, into the bathroom, and proceeded to violently throw up. After repeating this sequence several times, and nearly twisting my ankle, I got wise camped out in front of the bathroom.

I lay ed my extra blanket on the ground, put my pillow by the near-by collection of dirt-covered shoes (leaving just enough space for the door to open without getting hit in the head), and layed down. For five minutes. Then it was into the bathroom. Again. And again. And again.

Welcome to community living.

We share meals. We share living space. We share workspace. We share germs.

There are a few other nurses sick as well right now. From what I hear, bugs travel pretty quickly on the ship. It's quite inevitable.

Not the best part of this experience, but at least I held down toast at dinner. I would really like a soda, but the ship shop is waiting for a shipment and has none. Such is life on boat.

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Christa and Julianne said...

i had the same experience in zambia. no fun at all. but i survived. i camped outside the bathroom for five minutes crying while tey had worship and bible study. that was the beginning of the longest night of my life. the rest was dry heaves and passing out from exhaustion. i love you, megan. praying from across the ocean to our God in heaven. julianne