Tuesday, September 11, 2007

African Ladies

I have been learning how to carry things on my head. Strictly because J Grow said that it is the skill he is looking for, and boys only want girls with great skills. When I come home, I think you will be slightly impressed at my proficiency at head-carrying.

Also, carrying a baby on your back is so wonderful and practical. If I ever have children they will be placed on my back. African mama's know what they are doing.


aunt barb said...

hey meg,
you look great! looks like you have the "african lady " walk down!!keep up the good work. you are a blessing. love and miss you!
aunt barb

Mom said...

Is this how you will carry my future grandchildren?

megan petock said...

assuming I will give birth one day..for sure...it's imensely practical..

Anonymous said...

that would be great grandchildren mom!