Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Esther's leaving

Tomorrow Esther is going home. She has been a patient on our ward since July. I'm going to miss her dearly.

Esther and I have become good friends. She has made me laugh. I've been to her house. We have eaten chocolate and drank soda's together.

Today I was her nurse.

Every day we take the patients up to deck seven for dome fresh air. I sat in the ward next to Esther and commented that this would be the last time I took her upstairs. Her eyes began to fill with tears and she slowly sunk her head down towards her knees and eventually buried her head in my side. We sat their as she tried to hide her tears and I gently rubbed her back. And I tried to hide my tears.

I asked Esther what her favorite thing about begin on the ship was. She said "everything" and told me she would cry when she went home tomorrow.

I'm happy for Esther that she's is going home simply because no one really wants to be in the hospital. I know Esther is exited to be going home. She's talked about it fro weeks. But Esther has made many friends on the Africa Mercy. And friends never like to say goodbye.

It's bittersweet. Everything in me is so excited for Esther. After 14 years of having a crippled extremity she can use her hand. She can platt hair and hold open a book.

But friends don't like to say goodbye. And tomorrow will be a bit sad.
For both of us.


Dean said...

Despite never meeting her, I will miss Esther too.

Mom said...

Give Esther a hug for me and tell her I pray for her whenever I look at her picture on our refrigerator.

I know it is bittersweet, I am praying for you too...

Anonymous said...

Nana said,
We will all miss Esther and keep her in our prayers and close to our hearts. She is a very special girl and very lucky to have had you for her friend. We know what it is like to miss someone......