Friday, October 19, 2007


Here are a few emails I received this weekend... small small humorous :) The author's will remain anonymous..

from a dear friend...
"Hello my African queen,

How are you?

I am writing to get your permission to be you at the costume party this weekend. I’m still not sure if I’m going, but if I am, I want to be you.

I got this crazy idea on the prayer retreat, I can wear some kind of fun headband, red lipstick, a stethoscope, my camera and talk about all the good bargains I found this week….crazy huh?

Is that ok?"

From two 15 ish boys
I read this email at 11:30 pm after spending the weekend away (I was plenty plenty tired)

Hello Megan,
This is (name changed to protect the innocent), and
me and (name changed to protect the innocent) are doing an English project
for ms wagner. We are supposed to send and email to a
missionary in Africa so we decided to pick you. We are
supposed to ask you a couple different questions about
how this has changed your life. So here are a couple
questions for you: What do you think is one of the
biggest changes you had to make in order to adapt
there? At what age did you decide you wanted to go
into the missionary field? How much of a difference is
there from living here? Why did you decide for Africa
to be the place were you wanted to spread the Gospel?
What are some of the major medical conditions you've
seen there? We are going to start a prayer chain in
our class for you are there any important things that
you would like us to pray for you about? Thank you
for your time reading this email and could you please
respond as soon as you get the time because it is due
God Bless,
name changed to protect the innocent''

This email made me laugh very hard. It was sent at 6:50 pm Saturday night. I could easily envision my own little brother sending it at the last minute and nervously waiting for a response.


Paul said...

so funny about the halloween party ! Miss you so much

tif said...

this post made me laugh a lot...i love how it took me like a week after it was written to read and comment and laugh
love and miss you