Thursday, October 11, 2007


Tonight I showed the patients some pictures I had from home. They enjoyed themselves. I like showing them pictures of my family and friends because I think it helps us connect on a very human level in that we can all relate to being a part of a family and having friends. It also helps the patients to realize that every member of this crew has made some sacrifices to be here and it gives me an opportunity to share with the patients why we all came in the first place.

After viewing the pictures Aaron was quite impressed.

"You look beautiful"

Aaron, who's age is somewhere between 17 and 23 (we are not really sure) in bed 38 later told me he wanted to teach me to beat rice. When I inquired why, he said he wanted to marry me. He then proceeded to ask me if I was able carry heavy basins of water on my head from the river.

I gave a hearty "no" to that question.

Marriage proposals are something every Mercy Ship girl receives the moment she walks through the gate off the port.

"White girl, I want to marry you," is the usual sweet serenade.

But I really don't think the Liberian men realize how high maintenance a western women would be.

For example, I cannot carry large basin's of water on my head. I would be unable to give birth, multiple times, by myself in the bush. I am not strong enough to make oil by repetitively crushing palm nut's with my arms. I don't know anything about farming or cooking over a fire. I would require, at the least, a small weekly allowance. I can't make my own clothes. I don't know how to beat rice. I would not feel comfortable breastfeeding a baby in the middle of a crowd. If a man hit me, I would attempt to hit back.

Aaron might want to think twice next time he throws around a marriage proposal.

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