Monday, October 15, 2007

top ten things I never thought I'd experiencine in this lifetime that I experienced this weekend on my trip to Nimba Mountain

10. I never thought I'd ride in a van with no AC and 18 people, that would comfortably hold six Americans, for almost eight hours strait, after working night shift.

9. Watching a Brazilian biomedical technician carry the equivalent of a yard sale (including a guitar and four filled plastic shopping bags) up Liberia's tallest mountain (which is quite ardours climbing at times)

8. Thinking, "Well, if the lighting strikes my friends on the Mountain, at 2 AM, I suppose the UN helicopter might reach them (maybe)."

7. Crossing the border of a country that is not in North America without a passport, only a friendly Liberian border patrol man.

6. Being the centerpiece of a hand woven Liberian bag advertisement.

5. Going through at least thirty UN check points in less than 72 hours.

4. Riding through Africa in a small van with great er half of my body protruding out the window, while videotaping and/or taking photos of the experience.

3. Coming to a place in my life where I only brought UNMIL t-shirts on my vacation.

2. I never thought turning around could be such a beautiful experience.

1. I never thought I would sit in the back of a Liberian taxi at night singing a Kenny Rogers song with a retired eye surgeon, a Canadian plumber, a computer guy, and a fellow PICU nurse (aka "team turn around")

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Mom said...

Wow, sounds like you had an eventful time! Do they have a spelling class for the kids on the ship??? ha ha
Can't wait to hear about your adventure.