Thursday, November 1, 2007

thinking of fall

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I was just thinking of fall..and sweaters..and scarves..and I sit in the warm sun and grow browner in Africa daily. I will be home in six weeks! I can't believe I will be setting foot on American soil!
I love Christmas and can't wait to see everyone (and drink gingerbread lattes from the red holiday cups )


Anonymous said...

its finally fall in Jersey ... it was a long time coming this year! but there's a crisp in the air and sleeping with the windows open makes you need a blanket or two. i love it.

also, can we talk sometime when you're this side of the ocean and in my time zone? i'd love to pick your brain just a wee bit before i pack up and head over there.

Anonymous said...

hm, and, since i didn't identify myself, that was ali up there. ha. i forget what "anonymous" means sometimes.

-ALI =)

faith said...

i remember when you took that picture!!
yay for fall...and 5 days until red cups!!!!