Sunday, December 9, 2007

In Las Palmas

I have been in Las Palmas for four days and have been deeply appreciated it. Liberia has made me appreciate things like safety, electricity, running water, and public sanitation. It's so nice to be able to walk off the ship, whenever you want to, in as small or large a group as you desire.

Our ship is docked at the port closes to the center of town and it's an easy walk to an endless road of beach front cafe's and restaurants.

The Grand Canary is a part of Spain and I am enjoying seeing a bit of Spanish culture, even if it's touristy Spanish culture. The streets are lined with cobblestone, musicians, and cafe's. The buildings are square but have a beautiful variety of color, detailing, and texture. The beaches/mountain/building backdrop is quite beautiful. And the coffee is amazing. Oh how I have missed going out for coffee.

It feels nice to regain some independence.

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