Wednesday, January 30, 2008

goodnight western world

Last night I said goodbye to Tenerife. After work I walked to the local mall with my friend Abbey to pick up a few items at the Carefore (sort of like wal mart..I remember having them around when I was little) and trying on clothes for fun...just because we could. We finished the night with some ice cream. They have these creamy/ice cream/ Popsicle's things, that provide 10 minutes of sweet goodness for only 99 calories. nice.

Abbey has not yet been to Liberia and I was trying to tell her what it was going to be like. No electricity. No being out after dark. No paved roads. The constant chanting of "white girl, white girl, you be my friend". A completely different world only a few hundred miles away.

Enjoying electricity while we had it, we found these lights on the ground that kept changing colors. We lay ed on the ground and put our faces against it and took some fun.slightly scary pictures. Seeing that we were near a somewhat busy road we got some strange looks from passers bye.

It's a good thing we're comfortable being complete nerds. It's much more fun than being cool :).

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