Thursday, January 3, 2008

happy new year

Last night I was re-united with my "Holy Culture" CD which is by the Philadelphia rappers The Cross Movement. It's an amazing CD with several attached memories (anyone who attended the jr. high event Hip hop pin hallelujah night a few years back would understand that some of these memories are ones I'd like to forget :)

Track 2 had this line that I found stinging (in a good way)

Are you ready to do in the name of truth what the world might do for a lie.

It's a really good question. When you think the lengths people go to achieve or accomplish something that is of an extremely temporal nature, and I wonder what lengths am I willing to go for something that is eternal? For the very faith I have claimed to believe. For the framework of my Christianity. For the Saviour I love.

I hope this year that my faith becomes simpler. That my heart learns to be more content. That I learn what it is to love. That I can finally be unselfish for at least two minute intervals.

To know and follow Christ. To be conformed into His image. That's the goal.


tyronebcookin said...

I used to be steeped in hip hop and rap in a very bad way (long long ago) then I started actually living the life I claimed to have in Christ.

Transferring over to Christian Rap was hard for me, I felt the 'style' and music was way behind the times...(this was probably before your time, I remember the first real Christian Rap CD I actually liked was D-Boy 'church hoppers') DC Talk wasn't 'hood' enough for me...I didn't even really consider it rap, although it may have been the closest thing back then.

Cross Movement (the group and record company) has always been at the top of my list for current sounding meaningful lyrics, their other artist are pretty great as well, Flame, LeCrae, Trip Lee, Theory Hazit...

But hey if you really like Rap/Hip Hop its easy to find Christian stuff now, I have bookmarked. Although some is not so great and try to be too 'hood' by still using the 'N' word.


tif said...

hip hop happenen' hallelujah...that made me smile. good times. good memories. megan petock- our role model