Thursday, January 17, 2008


It's kind of weird to be on the ship and not be in Liberia. When I'm on the ship I'm so use to not being able to get off by myself that I sort of forget I can be independent here. Today I started working in the dining room, where I will be working until the ward re-opens. It's a pretty nice job, it's fun because you get to see everyone as they retrieve their food.

My bunk mate Michelle just arrived back from the states after 36 hours of travel. It's nice to see her again. She also had a wonderful visit at home. I did my best to clean and organize my tiny cubicle of space for her impending arrival.

Over two hundred people are scheduled to arrive during the first two weeks in Liberia. I'll practically be an old pro.

We were talking about our goals and ideas for the next few months. Coming to the ship with a pretty sound idea of what Mercy Ships and Liberia are like should make for a very different experience then the last outreach. I'm excited about. I just need to get back in the groove of ship life.

My rhythm is somewhat lacking at the moment.

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sojourner82 said...

maybe you need to find that cross movement cd (and video if it exists) of the hip hop jr high night. now, that was some rhythm!