Saturday, February 16, 2008

the calm

This has been a bit of a manic week. The multi faceted ward nurse task force has been hard at work making preparations for screening day as well as the opening of the hospital next week. We have been moving boxes (of coarse !), organizing supplies, updating policies, and setting up dockside tents.

Also, this week has been quite meeting filled. There has been general "Liberia" orientation, nurse orientation, and preparation for screening day.

Today is calm. I'm trying to get myself somewhat mentally prepared for how busy this week will most likely be.

Screening day is Monday. I am quite excited and a bit nervous. I have participated in dockside screenings, so I have a miniature picture of how things work, but I think it is impossible to really know what to expect. On Monday, hundreds of people will come from through out Liberia with various strange and serious medical conditions, hoping that we will offer them help. I am told it is an extremely emotional and long day. There is the joy of offering a desperate individual a scheduled date for needed surgery and the pain of watching someone go through the entire screening process, with hopes elevated, only to find out at the end of the line that we can't help them.

The day is long; some crew members will be leaving the ship at 4:30 am and we won't pack up until as late as 8 pm. (I need to be ready to go at 5:30 am...good thing I'm such an early riser) Crew members from throughout the ship will be involved with the screening assisting in registration, security, serving water/bread to the crowd, driving, escorting patients through the screening stations, praying for patients, and children's ministry. Of coarse, the medical staff will be obtaining medical histories, lab work, and performing physical evaluations.

I have the prevailed of working for communications and will be taking pictures of the screening. I am really excited but a bit nervous.

If you would keep us in your prayers Monday it would be greatly appreciated.

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