Tuesday, February 12, 2008

more medical open house

Nurses dressed like patients for the "Africa Mercy Nurse Academy". Crew members were given nursing tasks to perform on their "patients", so they could experience what it's like to be a nurse.
Margarita, our x ray/CT scan technician and one of my cabinmates, demonstrates how to use the x ray machine on a crew member.

Winnie the Pooh gets a Cat Scan.

Dr. Gary Parker teaches crew members the fine art of suturing. Dr. Gary is a maxio-facial surgeon who has served with Mercy Ships for over 20 years. He lives on board with his wife and two kids and is one of the most remarkable, meekest people I ever met.

Nigel, an anestesiologist, teaches crew members how to intabate a patient (for the those not medically inclined it means inserting a breathing tube)

Tyrone holds one of our youngest crew members. Tyrone is our cook and the crew has deeply appreciated his services! He arrived in January with his wife, Stephanie, who is a ward nurse and a really great person! You can check out their blog at http://tyroneandstephanie.com/

Yvonne and Josh intently work on David. I had the pleasure of working with Yvonne and David in the dining room over the past weeks. Unbelievably, they still want to be my friend, even after being around me at 6 am (when we set up for breakfast). They definetly made working in the dining room fun...from food line dance parties to "the dining room olympiad" (how fast can you bus a cart of dirty dishes?), to the creation of "Hombre Ensalada" (a face composed entirely of items from the salad bar which was proudly displayed during lunch and later consumed).
Good, grease filled times.

The Koontz children perform surgery on their dad, Peter. Peter is the food services manager on the ship, and was my boss during my time spent in the dining room. Incidentally, he is a great boss and I really enjoyed working for his department. Food services can be a very tough job...

Two of my friends, Katherine and Ruthie, perform surgery on the always hysterical Academy teacher, Miss Paige. She looks very confident in their skills.

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