Wednesday, February 20, 2008

screening day snippets

Mary: a five year old little girl with a growing facial tumor. He mother said the swollen like appearance of her face makes it painful for her to eat. I was trying to make Mary smile. I got down on my knees and gave me best attempt to be her friend.

She would not budge. She had the sense of shame I have seen painted on so many of our patient; a unique and sober intrevertedness and fear.

I got my camera out and asked Mary if she'd like her picture taken. Instantly, the little girl emerged.

She looked up and smiled a classis cheeser-show-all-your-baby-teeth-kindergarden smile. As I am editing (and editing..and editing..and editing..) Through my photos; I tear up when I come across Mary's photos and her cheesy baby teeth.

Nancy: A seven year old girl whose is missing her left hand. When she was 3 months old soldiers cut off her hand and burned her arm. All she has now in a contracted stump.

Musu: As I was walking through the lines of people; talking to potential patients and collecting photos, I felt a tug at my leg. I looked down and was greeted by a beautiful smile I had seen many times before. It was Musu. She had stopped by the screening to say hello.

That made me rather happy.

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marzbarz said...

What beautiful snippets, Megan! Will we get to see any of your photography work?