Thursday, March 27, 2008

commercial breaks (today was a lovely day)

I am writing between the commercial breaks of the UNC vs. Washington St. NCAA men's east regional basketball game. The sweet 16 is pretty sweet. I am still amazed that I am watching it live in Liberia.

Today was lovely.

I was in ward, which for the first time since the outreach started, was not busy. So, I had time to hang out with my patients; which I am really fond of doing. Henry was my patient today. In the bed next to him was Andrew, who has a large infected area on his shoulder from a remove tumor, who has a bulky and very painful dressing change three times a day.

Dr. Mark, a surgeon from New York, came early in the morning to change Andrew's dressing and debride his wound, Andrew was premedicated but it still is not a fun procedure.

Halfway through the dressing change, both Henry and another patients were sitting on Andrew's bed helping Mark with his dressing change. Kirstie, our charge nurse, asked Mark if he needed a curtain for privacy. Mark said know; Henry and his friend were offering Andrew moral support. As Mark changed the dressing, and remove dirty tissue, they clapped an cheered.

It was priceless. Not something I will ever see in the States.

During nursing school I had enough experiences with flagrantly sassy old men to determine for me that I really only every wanted to provide nursing care to women and children. But the "Boys Club" in D ward has seemingly proved me wrong. They were a joy to care for.

I am excited to find out what on earth is next in my life, but I am going to miss the patients. Some of the experiences I have had are simply priceless.


cheryl said...

Exciting-O!!!!! I'm watching the game with you:) How crazy is it that I'm in Indiana and you're floating in the harbor in Monrovia and we're both watching the same game. It takes us 24 hr. to make the trip, but we can watch at the same time. Also makes me think how cool it is that you're there, I'm here, and we have the same cool God looking over all of it!
Go Michigan State!!!!!!!! I know it's not until tomorrow, but I'm pumped about my Sparties!

cheryl said...

By the way....I didn't really mean to imply that God's first priority is March Madness. I meant He's looking over the whole world, not necessarily worrying that much about the results of our brackets:)