Sunday, March 2, 2008

the hotel Ducor; take three

Today I left the ship. It's only the fifth time I have left since I have been here. Last outreach I left about five times a week, but this outreach I am coveting my rest :).
But it was great to get off the ship; actually, I didn't realize how much my personal sanity needed it.
I lead a small group through Monrovia to the Hotel Ducor. It's always a sad sight but a very good experience. A sobering reminder of how deprave human nature truly is and a call to appreciate all the blessing we have.
While we were there two boys became our "tour guides". I gave them a piece of gum to share and we were instantly best friends. They made it their goal to end up in every picture our group took at the hotel. I didn't mind because they were so cute and I really love children.
The hotel is now completely guarded by UN workers and we are no longer to travel to the very top floor. Also, an outside company is planning on rebuilding the hotel which is exciting for many reasons. When it's rebuilt, I would like to spend a night there. Even in it's broken state the structure has retained a sense of elegance.
And Liberian beaches really are beautiful.

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