Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I got this outreaches first offer of marriage tonight. It came from 47 year old Abdue.

He came to us from the Gambia to have his facial tumor removed. His brother workers in Liberia and was able to get him to the ship.

Tonight I had brought three plastic photo albums from home into the ward. I find the patients always enjoy seeing my family and friends. As the other patients flipped through the albums, Abdue asked if he could have a turn. After looking through, he asked me about my family and I in turn asked about his. He then asked if I was married. I gave a definite no. He said I should marry him.

"But my mama would be sad if I lived in Liberia. She would miss me and cry plenty, plenty, tears."

"Give me her email address. I will email her and explain."

Kids are the best. And they keep coming to the ship.

Little Samuel is a twin. He is nine months old and has chunky, rolling legs. He and his brother sat on their bed laughing and smiling all night. I even stole a few moments to hold him and he snuggled himself into my arms.

Tomorrow Samuel will have his cleft lip repaired. I'm glad he'll be around for a few more days. I love hearing his laughter.
After my shift I took Cynthia for a walk. She and her four year old spunk spent the entire evening bouncing around the ward. She chase an orange balloon around and plated catch with all who entered the ward. A few times she stood next to me and we both started dancing without music.

Our ward can get a bit crowded sometimes. I took her for a walk so the night nurses could get settled.

She is so much fun. One of our European nurses said, ''I f i was at home, we would say she has life for ten."

Meaning, she has a lot of energy and spunk. No wonder I like her.

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