Friday, March 28, 2008

old friends

When I arrive back from lunch, Laura, who works in post ops and sees all of our patients on their follow up appointments, told me Grace and baby Anthony were here and they wanted to say hello. I walked down an found them both.

Anthony is getting so big! He is starting to lose is newborn look and mature into the title of infant. As I held him and talked to Grace (his mother) I heard another familiar coo. The room has a small "hallway" and two curtain covered cubicle's. Behind the curtain I was standing next too was baby Kumassah. She was getting her poet-op care today as well.

Kumassah is also growing. Her legs and belly and even chunkier than when she left! Her mother somehow manged to place the small amount of tiny frowish black curls she has into three very tight rubber banded knots on her scalp. It honestly looked a little painful. I was happy to see sweet little Kumassah.

As I walked out the door of the post op room to head back towards the ward, a pair of small arms tackled my knees. I looked down and saw one of the largest, whitest, ten year oldish smiles I have ever seen. It was Emmanuel from last outreach. Last summer he had one of his club feet repaired. He was getting x rays taken so he can have his second foot repaired.

Emmanuel lives at an orphanage and he came with his caretaker Lucy. Emmanuel interrupted her while she was in the bathroom so she could say hello :). I was also was the beneficiary of a huge smile and hug from Lucy. Emmanuel even introduced me as "auntie" his (success! my goal once more being accomplished).

Lucy asked the typical "how have you been" question's Liberian women asked,

"Do you have babies?"


"Are you married?"


"Is Melanie married (another nurse)?"

"No. I don't think so- but Stephanie is married and is going to have a baby." (Stephanie was here last outreach and got married after leaving the Africa Mercy in the fall)

(A huge, approving smile breaks out as I have finally spoken some words of worth :)

"Oh, Emmanuel. You remember auntie Stephanie? She is going to have a baby."

You can read a previous post about Emmanuel.

Later in the day, I heard Manja's mother (Manja was another patient from last year who I was in love with. She might just be the prettiest little girl baby ever :) was searching for me to say hello.

It was just really nice to know that people remember the care and love you have showed them. We don't love looking to be loved in return; but it sure is nice when our hearts are reciprocated. When our love is returned.

I was happy my former patient and I'm happy that they were happy to see me :).

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