Saturday, March 15, 2008


Today I stopped down at the ward just to say hello to the patients and see how everyone was doing (when you live 30 feet away from the place you work you can do that).

I stopped in to see Mary...who I referenced in a previous blog as having and extremely flat affect and not really engaging those around her.

I walked up to her bed and the most glorious thing happened- she paused from eating her soft-diet bowl of oatmeal, looked up at me, and smiled!!!

Yeah!! Mary smiled!!

My day was completely made. She has a beautiful smile and the sweetest little face. I'm glad she is smiling. There is no excuse for ten year girls to not have a reason to smile.

Mary is doing well. She can open her mouth now. She'll be able to talk and engage other people.
That's a great reason to smile.

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