Friday, April 18, 2008

good job

Lee is a a four year old little girl who recently had orthopedic surgery. Her full name is much longer and rather difficult to pronounce. I was going to give it a try when her auntie said,
"Just call her Lee."

Lee has a round face and plush cheeks. There is a special twinkle in her eye that is exploited when she smiles and laughs. She has the loveliest little girl laugh that is easily brought on by tickling (she's quite ticklish).

The frame of her mouth is delicate and sweet; but sadly her all her teeth, at least the ones that are still there, are an eroded black. They obviously have never been cared for and her mouth looks like a poster for why you should not let your baby go to sleep with a bottle in their mouth. It really breaks my heart.

Morris, another ortho child, was in the bed next to Lee. He needed to ambulate on crutches today. The physical therapist's first try resulted in only a series of strong willed shrieks and screams and very little ambulating. Morris didn't want to get out of bed.

However, the second time around, Morris managed to walk around the ward and the hallway.

When Lee saw his success, she triumphantly cheered, in the sweetest high pitched little girl voice that I could never do any justice in describing,

"Good Job! Good Job!"

She cheered for almost ten minutes. It was heartbreakingly sweet. Later, when Timothy, another orthopedic patient, was up to ambulate, she did the same thing. Except she rotated between "Good Job" and "Good Boy".

I was on the other side of the ward when I heard her sweet cheers the second time and had to postponed my paperwork so I could walk to her side and enjoy the sweetness of the moment.

How precious are four year old little girls.

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