Monday, April 28, 2008


one of the greatest moments in the human experience: having a sleeping baby nestled under your neck. does it get any better then that? i have my doubts....

Ali..a friend & fellow east-coaster/PICU nurse.
His real name is Dorku; but his mom calls him Junior.
Junior was born with two club feet. People didn't want to talk to his mother because she "bore a crippled child." She spent a lot of time crying.
Junior has 3 older siblings and lives in Liberia's up country. His mother had brought him to a local hospital, hoping they might help her son, when she when someone she came in contact with thought Mercy Ships might be able to help her. A photo of his twisted feet was taken and sent to our orthopedic team. And Juniors surgery was scheduled.
They traveled for two days to reach the ship. A long time for a nine month old to be in a hot taxi.
However, the two day trip turned out to be life changing for little Junior: he had both of his feet fixed on Friday and will be taking home two blue casts as a parting gift.
Junior is simply stunning. His light skin tone, wide facial structure, and glaring brown eyes are rather edible. He has a high pitched cry that he projects whenever it is time for his nebulizer treatments (I hate having to give them because it makes him upset..the joys of pediatric nursing..inflicting pain on sweet little ones..). Last night, I found that if I patted his chest with my hand it settled him down. He even laughed with his mask on when I pretended to eat his small hands.
I have been Juniors nurse throughout his stay and his mama says "he knows you meggee". Junior did extend his arms towards me last night when I came on. That was rather wonderful.
Junior will go home tomorrow. His mom said she will miss seeing me. I'll miss seeing them too.
more photos of Junior here

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