Thursday, May 15, 2008

bed time

I just had to make Emmanuel go back to his bed. He has been standing on his crutches next to Alfred in bed 1 for the past hour. But it's 1 am, which means the other patients are trying to sleep, which means Emmanuel needed to make a hasty return.

For being a late night addict I am a stickler when it comes to group bedtimes. Ask anyone who's been in my cabin on a Jr. or Sr. High retreat. Those who I have spent blissful weeks at Coatsville with may even be aware of the well formulated, carefully articulated, but not always adequately implemented famed "sleepers bill of rights". What can I say? A girl needs her beauty sleep (especially at Coastville..yeah for Coatsville in t minis two months!!!).

Two weeks ago when I first took care of Emmanuel he worried me. He had a serious infection and was quite sick. His face was constantly grimaced by the thick pain in his leg.

It's nice to see his grimaces replaced by laughter.

Tonight he and Alfred were just carrying on and being silly; like 14 year old boys should. They were laughing so hard at a joke I didn't really get; apparently they had told the man in the bed next to Alfred that he was going to brush his teeth at the crack of dawn. I didn't really see the humor (maybe it's just me?) but I loved listening to them laugh.

Laughing is probably my most favorite thing to do. I find in so many only two responses are appropriate: laughing or crying. I'd always prefer to laugh.

Emmanuel might have a little crush on me. He always gives me the widest, gappiest smile (his smile is far to endearing) when I tell him I will be his nurse. Tonight he even innocently winked at me as I made him go to bed.

Oh my melting heart. These boys pretty much own me :)

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