Sunday, May 25, 2008

(under)wearing mercy

to give you an idea of how large the scrub top is
here you can see the children's toys
an x-tra large scrub top
On Friday night I was reading outside on the 7th deck. The 7 th deck has a few chairs and tables, as well as swings, small bikes, a little tykes house, soccer nets, and a few other children's toys. It's a play area for children and one of my favorite nocturnal reading spots. A wall of netting covers the area between the rail and the ceiling to assure that none of our beautiful ship children go for an unplanned swim.

While I was reading a shadowy figure caught the corner of my eye. I watched as the shadow hung a few items of clothing on the netting and then left. My first thought was,

"I wonder if those close are fire proof material, because if they are not, the ship's officers would probably not be very happy they are hanging their...they could be a fire hazard."

Obviously I've been on the ship for awhile.

When I was finished reading I had to walk past the cloths because they were hung directly across the exit/entrance door. When I walked past I was a little shocked at what I saw. There, soaking up the Liberian ocean breeze, was an x large Mercy Ships scrub top and a giant pair of men's white underwear. The underwear was strewn across the hanger out in the open for the 400+ community to gaze at. Right in front of the children's toys.
I laughed. Out loud and hard. And then I went all the way down to deck 3 to get my camera.

I really could not help myself.
After taking a few photos of the memorable event, I informed the receptionist of the situation on deck 7. A ship wide email had been sent out requesting that we did not hang our underwear in the laundry room as people did not enjoy looking at it while they did their laundry (understandable). I assumed that the same principle would apply the the children's play area.

I found the situation mildly disturbing (why would you do that??) but completely hysterical (I suppose I am revealing my warped and somewhat childish sense of humor).

Now, laughing is my favorite thing to do but it never quite that much fun when it is sung as a solo. Duets are much nicer. I knew my fellow pediatric-nurse friend Ali was working, and that she shares my sense of humour, so I headed down to A ward to find her. I called her out into the hallway and explained the rather sensitive situation that was occurring on the 7 th deck.

Together we literally rolled around the hospital hallway laughing and laughing harder and then laughing even harder. I really thought Ali was going to have an asthma attack; I really thought I was going to pee my pants. It was wonderful.

Dr. Gary saw us from the other end of the hallway. I suppose he thought us slightly mad :) Alfred, a patients, told me the next day, "Sister meggee, I was worried for you and Ali last night."

Apparently, we were that silly.

If I could find the underwear's owner I feel I owe them my gratitude. It is an experience I won't forget and it has caused jovial feelings amongst my friends and co-workers.

And the proof is in the picture.


Mom said...

I don't think this blog entry is may not be allowed back in Sept! :)

Ali said...

I love you so much.

Mainly, I think I love that you look like Lady Godiva in that first photo ... covered only by your hair and a strategically placed XL scrub top. (Maybe it doesn't have to be too strategic ... it's fairly massive, after all.)

In conclusion, I may have pulled an intercostal during that laugh fest. Life is good.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for making my borrowed underwear so famous and I'm GLAD you got a wonderful laugh from it. Prov 17:22 says that laughter is like good medicine, and I do enjoy making people laugh!
I'm David Dykes, the visiting pator on board for the Liberian Pastor's conference, and Don and Deyon's pastor in Texas.
I arrived on board last week, but my suitcase did not, so I only had the underwear I was wearing, and a guy in our group loaned me a pair of his (I tried not to think to much about it). So every night I have been washing one pair out in the sink so it would be dry for the next day. But the wonderful AC in the room was preventing the laundry from drying, (and it's no fun wearing damp, borrowed underwear!) So Ihave the brilliant idea to hang it out overnight.

I was unaware of any policy about hanging out clothes to dry (ignorance of the law is no excuse, I know)

My intent was to grab it the first thing the next morning, but, alas, when I went out to reclaim it at 6:00 the next morning it was gone! I figured someone needed it more than me!!! (I guess the FAther knew you needed a good laugh more than I needed clean underwear!!!)

Keep on looking for the humorous in the ordinary (or the bizarre in this case).

megan petock said...

thanks for solving the mystery!!
(and for your sense of humor :) I hope your bags don't get lost next time!!!

God Bless!