Tuesday, July 21, 2009

blind siblings

My first week here, I went on a three day trip with communications a few hours north. Our team went to the homes of several patients who received surgery earlier in the outreach.

Three of those patients were siblings; Alexis, 7, Nadege, 3, and Ricardo, the baby. All were born with blinding cataracts. None of the children could see.

This spring, all three had their cataracts removed on the Africa Mercy. And now, for the first time, they can all see. You can read the full story here.

These are a few photos I took of the kids in their home. Aren't they just beautiful children???
There are more photos here

It was really exciting for me to see patients in their everyday lives. I am use to seeing them as patients. I always had to imagine the part where their everyday lives were changed.

In the hospital, we see the dramatic, life-altering, non-ignorable change. But at their homes, it more subtle. It's a child walking out of a doorway alone, or playing with a balloon. It's a mother looking her baby in the eyes, and seeing eyes stare back. It's a father who can stretch out his arms to hug his little girl, and find her hugging her back.
It's beautiful.


jody said...

really beautiful. beautiful.
thank you for telling their story.

Anonymous said...

After reading this story I sat here in Praise and prayer to Our God for who He is and all He is doing through all of you on Africa Mercy. Thank you for bringing home to us some of the names, faces and stories of those He is allowing you to minister to. Psalm 63:1-8
With prayers In Christ, Joe.