Friday, July 24, 2009


This is a Maomai. She is a little baby I am writing a story on. She was born with a tumor called a teratoma. It started out as a small lump, and grew to the size of her head by the time she was three months old.

Her 'before' photo was horrific.

In June, the tumor was removed. It weighed 375 grams; 15% of her 2.5 kg body.

She's doing very well. She even left the hospital last week.

Isn't she too cute? You'd never know two months ago she had a tumor the size of her head jutting out of her neck.
When I interviewed her mother, she said this,

"I thank God, and I thank each of you, the nurses and the doctors on this ship, for all they have done for me. I pray that God will make them strong, and that God will take care of their families that they left to be here to work for us in Benin. Thank you very much!"

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Anonymous said...

she is beautiful - i'm glad she could be fixed - we have a baby boy who has what they think is a very large hemangeoma on the side of his head - not sure what they're gonna do - cause they had trouble stopping the bleeding when they did a biopsy. - praying for you and what you do - it's a great thing