Saturday, August 22, 2009

Article on the True Campaign

In the past, I have some very definitive struggles with body image. I've been unable to believe that I am beautiful. I've wrestled with trying to be perfect. I've wrestled with the holistic pressure (even among Christians) to be a sexy, aggressive female. I've gone to over 30 weddings and wondered why they got picked and I didn't. I've thought maybe I've been doing things all wrong. Maybe I should change who I am for the sake of everyone else. For the sake of what I "should"be.

But last year, for the first time, I finally began to grasp something: I am precious. Precious to God, precious to others. Those three words, a very simple revelation, have (and still are) changing the way I think about myself, God, and others.

In response to this revelation and accompanying new found courage, I created the Unbranded Beauty Project, which highlights women who I KNOW are beautiful. They are as unique and different as the facets of their Creator.

I emailed the True Campaign the blog and they put it on their website. There is a podcast coming of a few of the women I photographed/interviewed and I discussing what real beauty is.

I recently wrote a story about Edith and I have to admit I had them in mind while writing it. Yesterday they posted it on their blog.

I so appreciate what they are doing and I feel really blessed to be a part of it. As I daily learn and at times struggle to believe I am precious to God, I think it would be beautiful to help other women believe the same thing about themselves.

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