Monday, September 7, 2009

Benin football game (it's soccer to Americans).

Sarah has a ticket to get in.
The stadium.
Waiting for the gate to open for the 5,000 CFA seats we had tickets for. The gate, however, never opended and we ended up sitting in 1,000 CFA seats. Things work differently in West Africa. We were quite happy to make it into the stadium.
For the record, we bought our jersey's first :)
These guys were into it. Really into it.
The game begins.
A stadium vendor. West African style.
Group shot. It was a really fun group.

The wave went around the stadium several times.

Yesterday, some friends and I went to a Benin football match. Our group of 11 was almost completely clad in Yellow Benin jersey's and holding accompanying yellow, green, and red flags. The game was a world cup qualifier so the excitement/tension was high in the stadium. Whenever Benin missed a shot you could hear a universal groan throughout the stadium. Sadly for the Benin fans, the game ended in a draw. We had a great time and I can't wait until October when Benin plays Ghana.

This is moments after Benin scored it's only goals. Everyone was pretty excited.

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