Wednesday, September 30, 2009

work hard. play hard. have fun.

On Sunday it was Bowie's birthday. My friends and I celebrated it with him at a local Fun Fair (aka carnival). The Fun Fair consisted of a carousel, bumper cares and spinning swings. Not exactly Six Flags, but amazing when I think of how underdeveloped Liberia was. And I am a firm believer that having fun is never about what your doing, it's about who you are with. I have
some really fun friends and we were determined to have a great time on Bowie's birthday.

After waiting a half hour we all rode the bumper cars to the amusement of the onlooking locals. When our time was over, the man in charge said, "Wait, I have another ride." At that moment, we learned who the impulsive people of the group were (that would be Erik, Jess, and myself). Without asking any questions (like, what is the ride? is it safe? will it be fun?) we jumped into the three chairs on the platform. Our friend Micheal soon joined us (he is probably truly the most adventurous since he actually thought about it before jumping on). As I strapped myself in, my mind was flooded with the realization that I could be making a very bad choice, but it was too late turn back. Watch the last video and you'll understand why "fun night" came to a screeching halt for the four of us, and why we all needed crackers and tea when it was over.

It was a lesson in the merits of thinking before acting. I suppose spontaneity isn't always the best idea.


more pre-fun.

actual fun.

too much fun.

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Anonymous said...

Jess's mom and dad say you people really know how to have fun! Looks like it was a great night.