Monday, October 26, 2009

My office.

We had a costume party Saturday night and this photo was taken. This is my office. PJ is the Sparton on the left, I am an intergalactic space ranger (naturally), and Richard is Charlie Brown on the right. Pj is a photographer and Richard is a writer/videographer. We like think we are a pretty fun group.
This is where I work. My chair is on the right. If you look carefully you may find an assortment of interesting things and characters. The "collage" has grown throughout the months I have been here. There are several fans because our office maintains a temperature of approximately 80 degrees (it's pretty stuffy and warm most of the time).

I have never worked in an office nor have I worked a "regular" schedule. It's been a very nice experience thus far. I'm a big fan of no night shifts. When I stop and think about it really is pretty amazing. I never could have dreamed four years ago that I'd be doing this. I'm glad that's how the Lord works.


stephanie barton said...

I love it. Naturally you would be an intergalactic space ranger, saving the world one Meggee style, which include red patent heels, of course. Miss you sister, think of you every time I have a chai!! Love you!!

integritykitchens said...

Bahaha...that calendar!!! I can't believe you have it hanging in your office...right next to Gussie. :)