Friday, November 13, 2009

Dental Team Prison Outreach

Dag, the long-term Dentist works on a patient. Apart from his dentistry skills he is a very good ultimate Frisbee player.
The dental team saw 240 patients in one day. The have seen almost 10,000 patients this outreach. They have worked really hard.
There was an entire community within the prison. This was the music room. These guys were the band, who played over a set of speakers the duration I was there.
One of the guards watches over the prison entrance.
A group of men at the prison. I was surprised at how friendly everyone was. Inside the prison are men, women, and children. During the day, everyone mingles within the community. At night, however, the men and women are separated and locked up. The kids who are there to be with their incarcerated mothers. I'm not sure what happens to them at night, but I imagine they stay with their moms.
A group of prisoners wait to be seen outside of the church where the dental clinic was set up.
A man waits to be seen.
One of the men gazes into the clinic via the wall openings.
The dental team also did oral hygiene teaching and handed out toothbrushes.

The shrine inside a small room which was designated the Catholic church.

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