Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dinner with the President.

photos by Debra Bell
Last Tuesday, the entire crew was invited to the President of Benin's palace for dinner. Around 5:30 pm, buses were sent to begin transporting the 400 person crew to the palace. I was very uncertain of what to expect.

I drove to the event in the communications vehicle. We planned on following one of the buses, but somehow it speedily left our sight before we drove off the dock. Richard (who was driving) headed towards what he thought was the palace. When we arrived, the Mercy Ships logo allowed us passage through the gate and after a few minutes of driving in the compound, we found the rest of our group (it was the palace after all).

The Palace was beautiful, the food was great, and the dance troupe who provided the entertainment was amazing. It's not everyday you dine with the president of a country.


Thy Brother Ben said...

Speak for yourself. How you know who I do and don't eat with? Can you score me some of those African hotpants?

Anonymous said...

How fun was that? I want to know what you had to eat.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Love you,