Friday, November 20, 2009

To the crew of the Africa Mercy

Prince Eddie, one of our patients this outreached, emailed me this poem he wrote for the crew as we prepar to leave Benin. It's really lovely.


Alas the center’s candle is blown out

Soon the signs that points to the Port are broken

The paths that leads to the shore is blocked

They that make their wage in convoy to Novou are stilled and stopped

The days of the white whale’s rest are o’er

The time of your docking is spent

The season of your breeding is halted

Your coming, to some was heaven sent

To others it was a wish granted

But too soon it is to those who knows your worth and work

So sudden it is to those who wish in you to be healed

Soon the mouth that feeds from you will sing your fare well song

The hand that lend you help will wave you on

The soul that depended on you will wish you back

And the heart that stayed with you, only on your memories will stay and feed

But you, like any farer of the deep, your voyage must continue

Your search for souls to cut and heal lingers on

For many more awaits your coming

Many shores awaits the day of your rest

But now it’s time bid you fare well

It’s time to sing your departing song

It’s yet another time for your sons and daughters to go home

Some, never to be seen again

Some, never to walk the shores of the black pearls

Yet to others, a time to rest and regroup

All the souls you touched and healed

All the souls you cut and mend

Stands along the Novou shores

Visible and invisible

To wave and wish you well

In the still small voice of the shore wave

Hear their voices rise saying THANK YOU

For your time and toil

For your care and cause

For your mind and money

But most of all, for being a tool in the father’s hands

Through which He showed His love and care

To a world so lost and dark

Without love or hope

We those you touched and healed are eternally grateful

Thank you and fare thee well my great white whale.

From: Prince Eddie Daniels

To : The Mercy Ships

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