Sunday, November 29, 2009

a very happy Thanksgiving

(Thanks to Murray for the photos, and Liz and Jess for the great invitations/pie/punch/decorations)

On Wednesday an outlined hand decorated as a turkey, was stuck to my door. It read "5:30, be at 'our table', and wear your best." I had almost forgotten it was Thanksgiving (the West African heat isn't the best reminder).

Thursday morning, I woke up exhausted, which is never a good start to the day.
As the field service comes to an end and we prepare to sail, I can speak on behalf of the entire crew in saying we are all very tired.

Remembering that my family and friends had the day off as I dragged myself out of bed didn't exactly help my mood. I was jealous of the day they were having. Everyone would sleep in, watch a Christmas movie or football game, and then eat an unhealthy amount of delicious food.

The thought made me a bit cranky all day.

When 5:30 came around, I headed to the dining room like every other night. I was delighted to see two of the cooks standing at each serving line, carving pieces of fresh Turkey. After preparing food for a reception for 200 people, the galley staff had somehow managed to cook us an amazing Thanksgiving turkey dinner.

When I reached "our table" I found fresh pecan pie and punch amidst some lovely decorations. It was surrounded by some really lovely friends. For a few of them (who were non-Americans), it was there very first Thanksgiving.

I looked around the table and realized how much I had to be thankful for. God is always faithful. When I returned to the ship in July, my biggest concern was finding friends and fellowship. And there I sat, celebrating Thanksgiving with some rather remarkable, talented, and diverse friends that uniquely express His love. God is so good.

Regardless of what part of the world He has lead me too or the season of life I have found myself in, He has never failed me. I can always be thankful because I know He never will.

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