Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Leaving Benin

One final view of Benin as we sail away.
Ali shows off her anti-seasick wrist bands.
Rich films our departure.
The final view of the dock and a few people who were sending us off. There is a rumor that 70 people showed up at the gate to say goodbye, but the port authorities did not grant them passage.
The empty berth which housed the Africa Mercy for the past ten months.
Liz, myself, and Jess watching the ship leave from the eighth deck.
The gangway is lifted.

Yesterday at 11 PM (remarkably on schedule), the Africa Mercy departed Benin. We are currently sailing through the Atlantic towards the Canary Islands. Finishing the outreach and preparing to sail have been a lot of work. I'm excited and hopeful we will have a calm transition back into the Western world. I'm feeling a little seasick and am hoping my body adjust quickly so I can enjoy being on the water. Please pray we have a safe and uneventful sail.

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