Monday, July 30, 2007

community life

Coming to Mercy Ships one of my grandest concerns was the prospect of living in a ship with 450 other people. I am very idependant. I love to be with people but I qually like to be alone. Sometimes I just perfer a long drive to nowhere with the company of myself.

But I have been pleasantly surprised.

At home I have my life nicely segmented. Work. Family. Friends. Church.

Here things are a bit blurred. Work is a 10 second walk away. And I feel like I go to work for fun (come on, dance parties with one year old's, endless games of uno, convincing the children to call me aunte Megan, is that really work?).

I was told when I came that the crew becomes your family. I was bit cynical. I don't like needing people.

But my mom is not around to hear about my bad day at work. Ben (my brother) is not here to listen to music with or solve the world's problems at 2 AM. My Dad's not around to tell me how it really is. Josh (my other brother) isn't here to make me laugh and bring me tea when I'm sick. My best friend is not here to wipe the whip cream off my nose.

So you are forced to be vulnerable. To step out of your comfort zone. To let yourself need someone. And actually it's great.

I was certain I would have had at least a minor emotional breakdown at this point. That I would be extremely homesick and lonely. Instead I have quickly made friends that feel like family. A never-ending Coatsville of sorts.

Life can be so delightful.

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