Monday, July 30, 2007


Today I danced with a very cute boy. Then we went for a long walk outside.
His name is James. He's cute. He's Liberian. He's 1 1/2.

Most Liberian children scream when anyone with white skin approaches them. But James is my friend. With the exception of when I have to give him medicine, he likes me.

*side note* yesterday I tried to trick James by putting his medicine in apple juice. He refused to drink it. I then tried orange juice and had his mom give it to him. He never saw me handle the cup. He still would not drink it. Why are children so smart?

James mom came to me today with her cell phone. She wanted to show me the screen. I was surprised at what I saw. A fat hippo wearing a sumo wrestling outfit was dancing around the cell phone screen to a wild African song. Bizarre. Hilarious. I with I could find it and post it for you to see. My brother's would have laughed very hard.

James took his mom's phone and pressed repeat on the hippo song. He was sitting in bed and began to dance to the music. He shook his little hips (as much as his large leg cast allowed him)and snapped his little fingers. American kids just don't do that. I melted. Then I joined him.

We danced for almost 30 minutes. I think we played every song on his mom's phone.

After my shift I carried James to the seventh deck so he could get some fresh air. He wrapped his little arms around my waist and nestled his little Afro under my chin. And then he fell asleep.

Holding a sleeping child is a beautiful experience.

James is beautiful boy.

It's a shame my job is so tough.


Nana said...

What a precious story. Give James a little hug from me.

faith said...

i love him accross an ocean...