Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My arms are still covered in paint. I look somewhat like a leper.

Many people don’t realize the scale of programs offered by Mercy Ships. While it is a hospital ship and our primary outreach is medical there are a vast assortment of community programs. They range from teaching agriculture skills, woman’s empowerment, church empowerment, HIV education, Mercy ministries (visiting orphanages, prisons, hospitals) and community development. Today I volunteered to work with community development.
Currently our team is building a school in a local village. The concrete building had nine rooms. Only two of them were painted. My job was to help paint the walls.

I rather enjoy physical labor. It’s not something I’d want to do everyday, but sometimes it’s rather nice to work in a manner that leaves you tired and dirty (when dressed for the occasion).
For almost six hours I painted concrete walls in Africa. And had fun doing so. There was four of us painting, including my friend Krystal. We found that scaffolding can double as a concert stage and paintbrushes can be used as swords. We ate lunch is a nearby hut. I had a chicken and fish dish over rice. My stomach is “small small” upset at the moment but it’s part of the African experience. I even ate warm hand-cooked donuts. It was a good day.

And I think the paint will come off. Eventually.


Dearest S. said...

WOW! Never seen someone so involved in their work (literally)!! Great job and "take it easy".

Josh Liegel said...

Maybe this is a strange comment....but after looking at these pictures, the very first thing I thought....How is she going to clean off all that paint in a 2 minute military shower?