Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Yesterday I went to church. A small Liberian church in a beautiful broken down building. One of the church ladies had articulately decorated the bare walls with an assortment of red, orange, and yellow wildflowers. Humble and beautiful like the people of the church.

Worship was lead by an African woman with a strong startling voice. Her words were sung with deep pathos and genuineness. She asked the pastor if she could share with the congregation.

“I have a burning testimony to tell.”

She had a daughter that she had adopted that was nineteen. Her daughter was blind. On Tuesday she came to the Africa Mercy for free eye surgery. She can see.

“My daughter had never seen my face. Before she only felt it with her hands. Now she sees me.
I want to tell everyone. I want to tell all of Liberia.”

Her blind daughter can see her for the first time. I was almost in tears.

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