Friday, September 7, 2007

goodbye Jo

the bumpy bus ride. the journey is half the adventure.

Rachel Munn and I

These are my cabin mates (from left to right): Jo (UK), Michelle(USA), Sarah (Australia/ Enlgand), me, Dorathy (Canada/Scotland), and Joy (Ireland)

On Monday my roommate Jo is leaving. She has been here for two months and I cannot believe she is already leaving! We are getting a new cabin mate the day she leaves. Bed space is in more demand here than it was at my hospital at home!

Tonight we said goodbye by going to Mona Liza, a restaurant in Liberia. Our initial plan was the Royal hotel, but one of the embassy's was hosting an event there and the restaurant was closed to the public. So we settled for the Mona Lisa next door.

Going anywhere in Liberia can be a bit of an ordeal. There was a total of 21 females and three males in our group (the usual male to female ratio). We all met at the dock at 5pm, and every one finally made it to the restaurant at 6:30 pm (the usual time it takes to hail cabs, make plans, and find people). The restaurant is only about fifteen minutes away when there is not traffic.

This was the first time I was able to go out with all my roommates. 5 out of the 6 of us are nurses, so our schedules rarely align. I'm glad they aligned tonight.

I need to get back to caring for my fourteen patients.

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