Friday, September 7, 2007


this is the picture I was taking

a view from the middle of broad street

On Saturday I was stopping to take a picture on Broad street, the road that runs through the center of Monrovia. You have to use your camera cautiously as it is an easy target and people have had theirs stolen from their hands.

While trying to take a picture, I heard a voice coming from a near by taxi, yelling,

"Sister, Sister".

You get use to people yelling at you here. Whether they are yelling, "Mercy Ships," or "You marry me," or "White girl, White girl," makes no difference. I generally use the same technique I use at home when I walk past random groups of men, I just totally ignore them. I find it is the best strategy to avoiding unwanted interaction (perhaps that is why I have never dated...).

As I heard the woman yell, I tried to ignore her and quick snapped the picture and hurried to catch up to the group.

The taxi stopped, pulled over, and the woman jumped at her car, the entire time yelling, "Sister, Sister". She leaned over and picked up a small, black camera case that contained a usv cable.

Apparently I had dropped it when I grabbed my camera. She had chased me down to return it.

It was very nice of her. I'd be short one USV cable if she hadn't.

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