Saturday, October 6, 2007


Joanna, our little sick baby in the ICU, is officially extubated and doing well. Everyone is very excited. It's always nice to have a positive outcome.

For the past five days doctors and nurses have been checking in to see how Joanna was doing. Medical staff from England, America, Germany, Australia, Scotland, South Africa and Switzerland were all directly involved with her care. No one is in there home country or home environment. Most of the doctors had very limited pediatric experience.

It was a really amazing thing to see so many people, from all over the world, step out of their comfort zones, bypass cultural differences, and work together to care for a small baby- all while paying to work.

It has been equally nice to see how happy everyone truly is that Joanna is doing well.
This is a pretty great place to work.

After Joanna was extubated I got my first glimpse of her sweet little face. It's always so fun to pull off the ET Tube tape and realize a child was underneath the technology.

I'm happy for Joanna and her mother that she is doing well.

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