Saturday, October 6, 2007


Before exiting the third deck after my evening shift, I walked through the ward to say goodnight to the patients. We have a plethora of beautiful children in our wards right now.

By 9:30 they were fast asleep in their beds.

There was little Cyrus, who had a massive neck growth removed, sound asleep next to his mama in his bed. Cyrus is the happiest nine-month old baby. He has the greatest smile, which her frequently flashes to the world, and loves to belly laugh.

There was Manja, who is recovering nicely form her burns. Her beautiful brown eyes are deep and wide set. Her lips elegantly carved. She looked like a sleeping porcelain doll.

There Margret who had a cleft palate/cleft lip repair. Margret is one and likes to dance. I would sing and dance she would mimic my actions, with much better rhythm of course.

Then there is James. James was here in July and I am sad to say he has made the transformation from baby to boy since his last visit. Four large teeth fill his gum line and he crawls around the ward with one casted foot with a seemingly endless source of energy.
He's got all us nurses wrapped around his finger. We are at his beck and call.

The children here are so beautiful. I heart them all.

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